About Me

About Me

I'm a semi-retired software engineer with a passion for photography and a insatiable curiousity about nature, cosmology, planetary sciences, robotics and artificial intelligence.

A Day in the Field

I shoot in every genre of photography. I do this to exercise the creative within me and give me the experience I need to raise my craft to ever higher levels.


I am a father of two boys. I have an insatiable curiosity about life and a desire to express it through the art of my photography.


While time might be infinite, our slice of it isn't. Every passing moment becomes a memory. This is my way of preserving some small bit of it. Mentoring also is a wonderful way for me to give back to the community and to those I connect with.



craft vs style

craft vs style

Craft is the technical bit of photography. - This is everything from knowing my camera and lenses to the robotic slides I use for time lapse photography and all of the software I use in post production. - Style is the visual representation of how I see the world and show it in my images. - This is harder than you might think. - Most people know what they like and what they don't like. - Knowing how to put all of this craft together into a style that really represents my sense of aesthetics requires thousands of hours of work and practice. - I think getting to know your own style is the single most difficult task of any new and emerging photographer.

Nikon D800E



Prime and Zoom Lenses

Really Right Stuff

Tripod and Fluid Head

Dynamic Perception

Robotic Slide and Controller

  1. Landscapes

    I love shooting bold dramatic landscapes. I've traveled all over the world exploring the outer world as I also explore the inner world learning my own style.

  2. Architecture

    Architects are artists. They create amazing structures that are sound and beautiful with a history rich in masterful works with timeless appeal.

  3. Nature

    Nature is one of my most favorite subjects to shoot. It requires tremendous patience and more than a modicum of luck.

  4. Artistic Fashion

    The photography industry is full of amazing talent. I love the work of a creative stylist, wardrobe and makeup artist. They make all the difference in truly outstanding work.

  5. Portraiture

    I try very hard to create a connection through the camera with the subject and you, the viewer. I think this really is what separates a good portrait from the rest. Being able to show something of their personality, well, that elevates a good portrait to a great one.

  6. Headshots

    Headshots are different than portraits in that headshots are used by creative talent to get work. They are also constrained to show only the subjects head - hence the name.



art + work

art + work

Photography is an art. - I'm not talking about those images you get from something you just "point and shoot". - That's just a commodity. - Anyone with a phone can do it. - Photographers know how to get the image they have in their minds eye captured in the camera for all to see. - Not just seeing what your point and shoot produces when you press the button. - The really amazing part is that we all have different styles and we see things differently.







About 4 years ago I decided to learn photography. - I've always appreciated photos and my father had a camera when I was young that I tried to learn to use, but it seemed so complex and arcane. - I'd just moved to England and it seemed a perfect time in my life to finally learn the craft of photography. - I was fortunate and able to travel to many countries to shoot exotic locations and people. - I set myself photographic projects that focused on a different aspect of the craft or creativity in order to master the skills necessary to move past the technical mechanics of shooting and into the art of pure creativity. - I've done this enough now to realize, this is a life long journey towards personal excellence. - Thank you for taking the time to walk with me.



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